Areas of Focus

The WTMC focuses on specific areas of impact in support of the White Tank Mountains and their resources. These areas of focus include:

Regional Planning and Partnerships

The WTMC will ensure that the mountains remain connected to the broader region trail network, connections for recreational activities and appropriate wildlife corridors to prevent genetic isolation.

Stewardship and Volunteerism

By working with existing groups including the Friends of White Tank Park and trail stewards the WTMC will provide leadership and volunteers who can provide the labor to maintain and enhance recreational and environmental values.

Advocacy and Public Policy

There are many issues connected to the resources of the White Tank Mountains that must be addressed through public policy. The WTMC will take an active role in assessing threats and opportunities that are affected by local, state ad national policy while advocating for the continued protection and enhancement of resources.

Education and Outreach

By enhancing community understanding of and connection with the White Tank Mountain’s natural and cultural resources, the WTMC is paving the way for long-term stewardship of the White Tank range.

Research and Restoration

The White Tank Mountains contain some of the Sonoran Desert’s best natural and cultural resources. Thought targeted, use-inspired research, WTMC will guide decision-making, conservation, and restoration efforts in and around the White Tank range.

Tourism and Public Attraction

Natural resources and outdoor recreation are two of the most significant contributors for tourism and economic development. The West Valley can leverage the White Tank Mountains as an important component of its economic development strategy. The WTMC will be a leader in this opportunity.