Stewardship Opportunities

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Stewardship Program Area Descriptions:

Path Finders
Greets visitors, provides information at trailhead and entry points.

Nature Guides
Leads and assists with guided hikes and provides hands-on trailside information and educational tours.  Provides information about park resources, including natural, cultural and recreation resources.  Assists with ranger programs, events, and school visits and updates information at kiosk signs.  May prepare and present interpretive programs with training and upon parks staff approval.

Citizen Patrol (options available)
Patrols trails via Foot, Mountain Bike, or Horseback  (Please note: horseback riding is not permitted on Verrado’s trails). Patrols the trails for trash and vandalism, water damage or erosion, watches for hikers in need of assistance, and reports any issues.

Construction & Maintenance
Assists parks maintenance staff to complete trail projects, or perform trail maintenance, land and vegetation restoration, including the removal of non-native, invasive species, such as buffelgrass, tumbleweed, and fountain grass.  May also work on various maintenance and repairs around the park, such as grooming camp sites, raking sites, cleaning fire pits and grills, picking up trash, emptying trash receptacles, grooming areas between campers, trimming and pruning trees, removing brush and cleaning tables.

Citizen Science
Assists in environmental and historical research.  Volunteers should have an interest in biology, geology, botany, archaeology, and/or history.  Volunteers may participate in field or office-based research projects such as cultural and historic research, flora and fauna inventories, invasive species mapping, and human impact monitoring in the White Tank Mountains.

Steward Education & Volunteer Support
Helps with steward orientation and continuing education opportunities.  Assists in office activities including volunteer recognition, data entry, etc.

Community Relations / Special Events
Engage experts to present educational programs to interested stewards, including field studies, hikes, and targeted trainings developed by stewards; develop on-line videos and presentations to support steward continuing education.  Assist with organization and production of publications; plan and execute activities or K-12 and adult educational programs that engage and educate the users and supporters of the parks; become a member of the speakers bureau and deliver a consistent message that represents WTMC in public speaking events.  Assist with planning, coordination, and execution of any event promoting the conservancy.