About Us

WTM Conservancy members connect to protect the mutually beneficial coexistence of human beings and a robust wildlife population which thrives in the open spaces and corridors of the vibrant White Tank Mountains, the cornerstone of our West Valley communities.

We bond to create a larger “club” for you where you find pertinent information about recreational activities, opportunities for service, mountain flora and fauna research, advocacy for collaborative conservation, giving, and just plain fun.

As a part of the “club,” you take pride in preserving your own neighborhood mountain as a cornerstone for generations to come. 

At the end of the day, it is all about connections:  connections among human beings who commit to their own health and well-being while advocating to preserve open spaces and corridors for the survival of wildlife and their natural habitat.

Connect with other “club” enthusiasts to perpetuate life on and around the mountains through collaborative conservation efforts.


Decide today to join to keep your neighborhood mountains alive.  Now is the time to step up and serve to preserve.

Board of Directors

Todd Hornback— Chair
Executive Director of Community Life  DMB

Jackie Meck—Vice Chair
Mayor of City of Buckeye AZ

Ian Dowdy—Treasurer
Director Sun Corridor Legacy Program Sonoran Institute

Les Meyers—Executive Director
Experience Matters Encore Fellow – Facilitating the White Tank Mountains Conservancy

Bob Wisener—Member at large
Community Services Department Conservation & Project Manager

City of Buckeye AZ

RJ Cardin—Member at large
Director of Maricopa County Parks & Recreation

Stacie Beute—Member at large
Program Coordinator – Central Arizona Conservation Alliance

Robert Bement – Member at large
Chief Nuclear Officer & EVP of Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station – Arizona Public Service Co

White Tank Mountains Conservancy (WTMC) A diverse coalition of partners is working to establish this new organization. The partners engaged in leadership of the initiative include:



A wide variety of West Valley cities and towns, businesses, and developers have been involved in the success of the new organization. Following the October 2014 introduction event held at Verrado in Buckeye, leaders will develop a detailed plan for the establishment of the WTMC, which will result in securing the not-for-profit corporation status an developing the business plan for the new organization.

Though the final details have yet to be worked out, the organization intends to focus on six guiding principles in support of the White Tank Mountains and their resources.

  1. Employ a regional perspective

  2. Foster stewardship

  3. Advocate for conservation

  4. Research-driven

  5. Promote toursim

  6. Outreach and education


The White Tank Mountains Conservancy will protect the White Tank Mountains by seeking pragmatic solutions that enhance the economy of the West Valley while ensuring the sustainability of the natural and cultural resources within this iconic and rugged landscape. Through partnership and collaboration with regional organizations, the WTMC will ensure that these sentinels on the western edge of the Phoenix metropolitan area thrive under the pressures of future growth and remain a vibrant sanctuary that retains the enduring character and beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

Municipal Charter Members

Town of Youngtown

City of Buckeye

City of Suprise

City of Peoria

City of Goodyear


Corporate Charter Members

DMB Associates, Inc

APS/Palo Verde

DR Horton


Individual Charter Members

Verlyne & Jackie Meck