Education and Outreach Speaker’s Series

Linda Bolon

Project Coyote

Linda Bolon, Arizona representative for Project Coyote, presented on how to coexist with coyotes at the White Tank Mountain Regional Park in cooperation with the White Tank Mountains Conservancy on January 7.

She was the first of four individuals speaking in the series “Living with Urban Wildlife.”

Guest were intrigued as Bolon shared the habits, diet, and behaviors of these shaggy scavengers as she educated the audience of nearly forty on how to live with coyotes. 

Bolon left the audience with the tips for coexisting with coyotes.

  • Do Not Feed Coyotes
  • Keeping coyotes wild is the key to coexisting.
  • Remove Attractants
  • Feed pets inside; contain waste; compost and pick up fallen fruit.
  • Supervise Your Pets
  • Walk dogs on leash and keep cats inside for safety.
  • Keep Coyotes Wary
  • If you are approached, act big and make loud noises.
  • Appreciate Coyotes
  • At a distance!

From Project Coyote

Hummingbirds – John Bland

Who can go from 0 to 30 mph instantly, fly upside down and backwards, and fly over 500 miles without stopping? Meet the hummers! These magnificent little birds of the New World are full of surprises. Naturalist and park volunteer John Bland presented a one-hour presentation on how to discover the lives of nature’s smallest birds and how you can enjoy and protect them in your own backyard.


Simple formula for Hummingbird Feeders 

1 part white sugar
4 parts boiled water
NO dye


For additional information on Hummingbirds

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