In addition to our on-going need for all categories of volunteers, we’re recruiting for the following:


Social Media Ambassador

Social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, is an important part of our strategy to attract new audiences, increase our visibility, promote the White Tank Mountains Conservancy contributions to conservation, and engage new stewards, and sponsors.  If you are interested in being a social media ambassador, begin by “liking” us on Facebook or Instagram.  Our stewards are also asked to do the following:

  • Make one post per month on your personal Facebook or Instagram pages relating to the White Tank Mountains Conservancy or conservation.  (Or you may “share” our content on your page.)

  • “Like” and/or comment on your posts/photos at least once per week.

  • Post one summary or photo after each volunteer experience with the White Tank Mountains Conservancy.

  • Show us your nature! Share your favorite photos with us of you connecting with nature in the White Tank Mountains Regional Park or Skyline Regional Park.


Newsletter Developer/Coordinator

This individual oversees the development and creation of the quarterly newsletter, The White Tank Connection.  Responsible for content, scheduling, and publication of a document that promotes the White Tank Mountains Conservancy and its mission.

  • Sets schedule and meets deadlines

  • Determines approximately seven timely, educational, and informational topics per issue

  • Seeks content writers

  • Communicates deadlines to writers

  • Writes and/or edits content

  • Includes graphic or pictorial document and as enhancement for written content

  • Performs appropriate interviews or delegates responsibility

  • Provides coverage for significant newsletter-worthy WTMC events (Accounts of most events are posted on web)

  • Posts newsletter to WIX-based website or works cooperatively with webmaster to ensure timely posting.

Time per issue:  12-15 hours quarterly.


Mascot Manager

This individual is responsible for ensuring the presence of the WTMC mascot at targeted WTMC events October through May to promote and brand the WTMC and its mission.

  • Solicits mascot performers and provides orientation to new performers

  • Ensures completion and submission of WTMC Release of Liability forms for minor performers and handlers to Marketing Coordinator

  • Ensures the performer has a handler, needed equipment, and marketing materials

  • Determines the mascot schedule (2017-18 season—11 events—expected to grow)

  • Provides for care of mascot suit

  • Coordinates performer and personnel at venue of performance, as needed

  • Follows up with feedback and thank you to performer

  • Coordinates with marketing team needed materials, engagement time, and venue location.  May take photographs or videos and submit to webmaster for publication

 Time per event, including scheduling:  1-4 hours.