Why you should donate to the White Tank Mountains Conservancy


The White Tank Mountains are at a critical stage in their history.  The goal of the White Tank Mountains Conservancy is to bring the mountains back to the importance they once held in the Valley.


Just when historic figures Pauline Weaver, Joseph R. Walker, Jack Swilling and Henry Wickenburg were prospecting in central Arizona in 1863, the White Tank Mountains found their place on the first Arizona Territorial map.  Even before Phoenix shows up on maps as a “settlement,” the White Tank Mountains were an important part of Arizona’s history. The White Tank watering hole that gives the mountains their name was located in the northeast end of the range and was the only year round source of water for miles. A supply road stretched from Maricopa Wells, south of the Gila River, to Wickenburg and then continued north to the new territorial capital in Prescott. Remnants of the road are few, and the watering hole itself is now gone. The white granite cliffs surrounding the large natural tank caved in during a huge storm, obliterating the White Tank.


The cities that surround the range are beginning to develop right up into the foothills.  The White Tank Mountain Conservancy was established with the help of all the key stakeholders in the area. The Conservancy continues to build the  structure and secure resources to study, preserve, protect and document the flora, fauna and ancient history of the area. 


Ongoing preservation requires an investment of time, talent and financial resources.  Your donation is crucial.


The White Tank Mountains Conservancy members collaborate to protect the mutually beneficial co-existence of human beings and a robust wildlife population which thrives in the open spaces and corridors of the vibrant White Tank Mountains, the cornerstone of our West Valley communities.  ​As pioneers of the community-led White Tank Mountains conservation, we are working to save the Crown Jewel of the West Valley.   

Your donation to the White Tank Mountains Conservancy protects the mountains, the wildlife and the enjoyment of the people who visit. 


Your support enables our volunteers to attend to many of the pressing needs of the White Tank Mountains and its preservation.  From education to trail maintenance, we rely on your donations to make these efforts possible. We have learned that mountains can be bulldozed and landscape cut down literally overnight. Open space is vulnerable to development. It is the mission of the Conservancy to ensure that the White Tank Mountains and the wildlife corridors remain environmentally magnificent.

Support White Tank Mountains Conservancy as a major donor or simply by making a special gift for any amount.

White Tank Mountains Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) organization so 100% of your donations and gifts are tax deductible and are used to support the activities of the White Tank Mountains Conservancy. We know your support is entirely your choice, and we appreciate any amount you can give to help.

To make a donation you may choose to complete the donation form and mail to WTMC, or you may use the convenience of online donation via PayPal or major credit card.

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